How we work

  • Technologies Sandrini deals with new experimentation   Sandrini Green Architecture develops and builds […]
  • Phylosophy Made-in-Italy landscape Architecture Sandrini Green Architecture company deals with Landscape Architecture at […] Filosofia
  • Inspection Willing to have a garden.   This first phase is essential in […] Inspection
  • Preliminary design The garden takes shape The preliminary phase of a new project is […]
  • Botanical Study Colours and fragrances invade the senses   The botanical study is the […] Studio Botanico
  • Definitive design The care of details   The designers’ experience at Sandrini company, the […] Progetto Definitivo
  • Construction Documents   We work directly throughout the entire world, subdividing the interventions in […] Construction Documents
  • Implementable project Guaranteering the project   After the approval of the definitive design, working […] Progetto Esecutivo
  • Realization “Turn-Key” garden   Sandrini Green Architecture directly works on National and International […] Realization
  • Design/ AS-BUILT drawing After the realization, here is the user’s guide   Sandrini Green Architecture […] Rilievo As-Built
  • Maintenance Maintaining the work of art in the time   The realization of […] Maintainance
  • Training Knowledge and learning at customer’s disposal   In addition to teaching how […] Training