Image gallery

Preliminary design

The garden takes shape

The preliminary phase of a new project is considered as the beginning of a new stimulating adventure that shall be shared with the Customer. Customer’s requests and site peculiarities are creatively interpreted by the designer during the Concept phase.

Tables, drawings and 3D reconstructions express the intuitions and the final result vision.

Several spaces of the area involved in the design are developed by showing them “before” and “after”, including night views, effects and scenic choices, styles, volumes and shapes that tells, through images, what the final result shall be.

These are pictures of the garden that shall become.

The general planimetric tables show the lines, perspectives and focal points of the design which shall be typical of the future garden.

Three-dimensional perspectives and CAD Planimetries complete the technical and design aspect for small, medium-size and vast gardens.

The estimate calculation is the final part of the plan because it describes a preliminary costs estimate for “building” together with the customer the right budget that shall be destined to the execution.