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Passion and creativity: foundations for success


Sandrini Green Architecture was established in 1993 and it grew out of the passion for beauty and love for nature matured by two brothers, Marco and Giuseppe Sandrini. Eversince Marco’s artistic talent, design manager, and Giuseppe’s managerial abilities made Sandrini Green Architecture become one of the greatest and prestigious enterprises of the sector, both in Italy and all around the world.

The successes and appreciations achieved during the first years of work in Italy gave rise, in fact, to projects assignment in the International context. Initially in Europe and then in other markets such as Russia, United States, United Arab Emirates. Sandrini Green Architecture is still expanding in many markets, combining its technical know-how with its innate taste for beauty, which is the main feature of made- in- Italy design.

Art, technology, love for nature and passion for one’s own job: these are the underlying ingredients of each project and garden realized by Sandrini Green Architecture company