Plant Nursery

Since many years Sandrini cooperates with some of the most important plant nurseries in Italy, among which we select the best plants, according to the species and respecting the original project and design.

Each nursery has a unique specialization, thanks to the tradition, the climate, the plants and the different essences which are typical of the specific area where they are.

More than an area we should mention a “terroir”, as it is for the wine. The word “area” does not in fact pay justice to the geographical diversification of Italy where the interaction of some unique conditions, which are at the same time natural, physical, chemical and climate, allow a plant to grow in an ideal way, with original and distinctive features which are not replicable elsewhere in the world with the same quality.

Because the most evident part of our projects are the plants, Sandrini choose them with the utmost care and attention, drawing them from a