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Successful synergies


In order to ensure customized and high-qualty services and solutions, Sandrini Green Architecture is supported by a network made up of domestic and International partners, who are specialized in many market sectors and business areas.

Sandrini Green Architecture is a valuable landscape contractor: starting from landscape architecture it extended its activity from the design and realization – wherever in the world- of residential and touristic greenery and the individual residence, to the cutting-edge resorts, to the urbanizations of new housing settlements in more and more troublesome and hostile contexts.

All these successful synergies are Italian because Sandrini company believes in the strength of Made-in- Italy to which is proud to belong to and to be its exporter and representative all over the world.

All the partner companies are leading companies in their own sector as regards innovation and expertise.

Sandrini Green Architecture and its partners represent the “excellence that expresses itself in Italian”.


SANDRINI Green Alliance & Program is a program that has been devised in order to help the partners in reducing the timing of IT projects, increasing the support to decision-making and creating a business of high added value destined to the final customer.

For this reason, Sandrini cooperates with the most important Groups of Made-in–Italy excellence in the world, the landscape consultant dedicated to the design and realization of green areas of the following projects:


Atelier Milano. Tailored Homes