About us

Italian excellence in landscape architecture

Sandrini Green Architecture is an Italian brand which is internationally renowned and it is specialized in  design, development and maintenance of gardens, private and public green areas.

It works all over the world through its dynamic and flexible structure and it is constantly growing thanks to a team of designers and teams of gardeners who are highly qualified and able to set-up and create exclusive scenic designs.

Sandrini’s goal is to voice the knowledge and the love towards nature at its best as well as towards the environment in each green area the company sets up. This passion is realized thanks to the creativity and to the development of technological devices and takes the form of suggestive and unique green areas.

From the design to the realization of a garden, all the phases are guided by experts in landscape architecture in order to create fascinating and exciting overviews.

An operative philosophy which grows out of a sound knowledge, a rigorous professional ethics and an innate taste for quality.

The utmost care