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Sandrini deals with new experimentation


Sandrini Green Architecture develops and builds private and public greeneries, parks and gardens not only creatively but also using and experimenting new ad hoc technologies.


Sandrini Green Tech

Naturalistic engineering and integrated modular systems can handle all the systems that there are in the garden in an independent and clever way. Through a central widespread wireless control system of each area of the garden, it is possible to constantly keep the perfect conditions for the well-being of plants and lawn.  Survey probes and other technological detectors placed in many areas of the garden provide for dosing the correct irrigation and fertilization, checking possible failures in the lighting and video surveillance electrical systems.  Sandrini Green Architecture, thanks to a small yet effective internal research and development study, ensures the best green technologies which are applicable to any territory and context: mild and temperate climates like in the Mediterranean area as well as freezing and unfavorable climates of Russia and North Europe and also hot and humid tropical climates of Arabian Countries.


Sandrini Green Architecture and OPTIGRÜN

Green roofs: Sandrini Green Architecture has been working, for years and up to today, as official partner of the Italian- German company OPTIGRÜN, which is uncontested leader in green roofs realization. The hanging green can offer many advantages to mankind: improvement of environmental aspect, creation of a further living space, an enhancement of the building and a contribution to both macroclimate and microclimate. The hanging green protects the waterproof surface covering of attics from temperature leaps such as the strains caused by hail and bad weather. Green roofs have a high water retention and therefore lead to a considerable alleviate the load for the canal and drainage system of meteoric water. Green roofs create an ecological balance also for flora and fauna. Sandrini Green Architecture brand together with OPTIGRÜN technology are synonymous with quality, efficiency and service, through the use of natural and ecological materials, by protecting the environmental resources and using local origin ground layers.

The commitment of this partnership is aimed at the realization of as much as possible natural green roofs.
Sandrini Green Architecture and a dedicated team of OPTIGRÜN will support you from the first expert advice, to design phases and up to the realization and maintenance.


Irrigation systems

Thanks to a multi- year cooperation with Rain Bird, a multinational company with a long- standing experience in the production of plumbing material for irrigation and with high technical expertise, designers and installation plumbers of Sandrini company study and install highly professional irrigation systems, which are created in accordance with study of botany, climate and soil morphology. The irrigation is thus custom-made planned and its aim is to totally meeting the specific hydric needs of the plants.


Lighting systems

A good lighting allows to the trees to become protagonists and to have their own axis of observation thus becoming attraction cornerstones for the night sight in the green area.
If it is considered as essential element of scenographic attraction, the right lighting prolongs the pleasure of appreciating and living one own’s garden also during the evening and at night. The suggested lighting systems are realized by Sandrini partners: very capable artisans who have been selected in the course of many years of cooperation.


Environmental recoveries

Sandrini Green Architecture is able to design and develop plans aimed at natural environment safeguard and development but also at consolidating and recovering vast spoiled spaces, such as quarries, dumps, viaducts and motorway slopes, abandoned sites and disused areas. Through a scientific approach it is possible to work, imitating the natural processes, for recovering and re-integrating the eco system in all its abundance.


Furnitures and accessories

Sandrini Green Architecture offers a wide range of furniture and accessories for outside areas: unique and customized objects, made by artesan master’s expert hands of all the world. The choice that is available for the customer is wide: seats, benches, tables, fountains, vases, gazebos, winter gardens and other products with prevailing authentic and original materials. Great importance is attributed to iron works, such as gazebos, orangeries, gates and Treillage brand items.


Finishings and materials

Sandrini Green Architecture follows in first person the realization of every exterior construction work such as walls, facilities, flooring and several problems concerning road network and liveability of every open-air area. Materials that embellish the space are used, for example, precious stones, hand worked cotto tile and pebbles with a high aesthetic and functional connotation.