Florida. Private villa in Gulf Stream

Made-in-Italy style for an exotic garden

On the Eastern coast of Florida, in an exclusive residential village to the North of Miami, there is a wonderful villa for which Sandrini designed and constructed a Made-in-Italy style park.
The purchasers’ wish, in fact, was to have a garden that could be in compliance with the aesthetic standards of the context, in harmony with the style of the neighborhood but, at the same time, could be distinguished thanks to an elegant and balanced touch, which is typically Italian.
Like all the other residences of the area, this villa too does not have a fence nor a border line. For this reason, Sandrini delimited the borders of the property with a simple Ficus topiary hedge so that the garden did not lose its sense of opening towards the outside, but at the same time, also a certain privacy was guaranteed.
Before the entrance, a soft curve made of white gravels has been designed, which is in harmony with the colors of the villa; furthermore, a big green flowerbed has been created around the specimen of Sea grape, which is a typical local plant for that area.
As regards the external front of the villa, the greenery develops symmetrically to the side of the main door, with topiary shrubs similar to the Buxus, groups of small Palms and flowering Begonia.
The internal garden winds around the swimming pool and it is embellished with exotic taste Palms, huge Phylodendrons, Orchids and tropical flowering.


Details about the garden:

  • Place: Gulf Stream / Florida / USA
  • Sizes of the garden: 2500 sq m
  • Type: private garden – landscape design & built
  • Customer: Confidential
  • The project in figures: 22 Masts/ 46 Palms / 640 Shrubs/ 1125 ground-covering plants
  • State of the project: garden done
  • Completion time: garden made in 90 days
  • Reference contacts: Claudia Arrighetti, Marco Sandrini
  • Services and Works: planning and construction of gardens, works supervision, irrigation system, lighting system, tropical garden