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Brescia. Historic residence

Majestic works for renovating a noble garden

In the green and thriving farmland of Brescia there is a noble house that has been the object of an accurate and scrupulous renovation. Sandrini intervened for bringing back to life an 18th century garden.
Several works were made for recovering the origins of the park because, over the centuries, there were many changes, damages and the modifications which led it to completely lose its original nature.
Buxus parterres were renovated as well as the gravel paths, all the elements not consistent with the style of the garden were removed, the big fountains were re-activated and also the nympheums by re-adding many oxygenating and water plants such as Lotus Flowers, Nuphar and Water Lilies.
The balustrades and the columns were brought back to the ancient splendor by adding wonderful sarmentose rosebushes with soft and subtle colors such as white and pink.
All the damaged plants were looked after and strengthened, the old parterres of hornbeam were re-planted and the adjacent wood was reorganized through significant cleaning operations of the big existin Yews, Carpinus Fastigiata and Beeches.
Great works that brought the enchanting park back at its ancient splendor.


Details about the garden:

  • Place: Brescia
  • Sizes of the Garden 20.000 sq m
  • Type of garden: private garden – landscape design and built
  • Customer: confidential
  • State of the project: finished
  • Completion time: 300 days
  • Reference contacts: Marco Sandrini
  • Services and Works: conservative renovation, design and realization of gardens, irrigation system and lighting system