Brescia. Private terrace

A peaceful and relaxing corner suspended above the city rooftops

For this big terrace, overlooking the rooftops of Brescia downtown and thought to be an open-air living area, Sandrini designed and realized a real peaceful and relaxing oasis.
Through the addition of big iron vats, that evoke the design of the Orangeries in Versailles, a frame of natural greenery was created.
Enchanting Iceberg roses, Hydrangea Hannabelle, Olea fragrans and Jasmines create a warm and cozy effect, which is even more enhanced by comfortable sofas and by natural colored furniture that make the space usable and scenographic.
Pots of Lemons complete this work and, since they are exposed to sun light and extremely sheltered from winds, they can survive also during winter time and grow luxuriantly.


Details about the Garden:

  • Place: Brescia / Italy