14 December 2018 / Giardini prestigiosi, Giardini verticali, Prestigious garden, Vertical gardens a-green-wall-will-save-us

    Planting an apple tree on the balcony will be revolutionary

    In the recent days, the World Forum on Urban Forests promoted by FAO and organized by the Municipality of Mantua with the Polytechnic of Milan and the Italian Society of forestry and forest ecology, brought together 400 architects and botanists, administrators, planners and academics. Politicians were absent, unfortunately little interested in the challenges that are trying to save the world.

    The architect Stefano Boeri, former author of the “Bosco Verticale” in Milan, but twenty more are under construction, the next will be inaugurated in Nanjing, said: “a green wall will save us”, primarily from pollution, because today the urban forests are possible.

    Patrick Blanc, a French biologist, world expert in ecosystems and vertical green walls, was his sparring partner. His challenge is to “spread” the nature, not only decorative, making everyone responsible, able to do something to fight climate change and urban pollution. Even planting an apple tree on the balcony can in fact become a revolutionary gesture, to fight the enemy on his own battle ground: the city.

    With the specialized division “Vertical Landscape Technology”, Sandrini Green Architecture has long developed unique capabilities in urban green of complex shape.
    With a dedicated team that takes responsibility for the entire process: from green design to landscape engineering, to the integration of various technical systems and ancillary services, to the supply and placing of the best plants in the world; up to periodic maintenance, planning, engineering and the supply of special equipment.