18 October 2018 / Hanging Gardens, Prestigious garden, Vertical gardens un'anteprima del libro di Sandrini

    The garden is a world apart, a concentration of life, a beautiful obsession. Beginning with the origins of the garden, in their book “A beautiful obsession”, Marco and Pino Sandrinitake us to enchanted places that reflect the society, the individuals and the culture of those who created them. Quotes, photographs and texts come together within these pages to offer you all the beauty of green architecture, in the shape ofmemory, of thought, dream and design. So settle down under a maple or plane tree, take a deep breath and begin to turn the pages of this journey into nature, conceived and written thanks to the experience of the Sandrini brothers. Let’s discover more!

    A “paper” garden – within the pages of “A beautiful obsession”

    Following the introduction by Massimiliano Finazzi Flory, we find ourselves taken along a subtle and poetic pathway leading through the gardens that have marked the lives of the authors, experts in designing outdoor spaces for the past 25 years. A full immersion into their world, from the origins of the garden to the personal vision of Marco Sandrini, on that of the future. What milestones will we find in this wonderful “paper” garden?

    • Harmony and beauty. With close ties since the beginning of time, man and nature seek to find ways to live together. The garden is an accomplished beauty, the tangible representation of who actually dreamed of, imagined and created that green jewel. The story of Sandrini begins right here: with the tiny flowerpots in front of grandma’s house, with their spontaneous beauty that charmed the two brothers time after time. The story that follows is an enthusiastic succession of projects that inspired the Sandrini brothers to constantly come up with new solutions, original interpretations and charming places of harmony and beauty.
    • Landscapes of light. For Sandrini light is essential: it enhances, hides and constantly invents new backdrops. Green areas are given more emphasis