Brescia. The green walls of a private residence

Energy and color for a vertical entrance

Two green walls, one in front of the other, are the frame of an entrance of a private residence in Brescia.
The position and the structure of the walls presented features and significant restrictions that needed great attention before proceeding with the creation of the greenery.
First of all, not all the area of the walls had the same exposure to the light. There were spots more lighted up than others but this problem could not hamper the aesthetic need for having a well-kept and luxuriant garden in every spot of the two facilities and in any time of the year. This necessity was due to the fact that the two walls were at the entrance of the house and therefore had a great visibility.
In order to solve these existing problems, Sandrini paid great attention to the botanical study and to the design of the fertigation system.
During Spring and Summer, the uniform splashes of color are created by the ground covering specimen such as Geranium and Heuchera, whereas all over the year they were created by Shrubs and evergreen Graminaceous plants.
Today at the entrance of this private house there are two suggestive green doors that change with the succession of the Seasons and they bring energy and color to this house.


Details about the Garden:

  • Place: Brescia / Italy
  • Sizes: 35 sq m
  • Type: external vertical garden
  • Customer: confidential
  • The project in figures: 660 herbaceous plants, shrubs and ground covering plants
  • State of the project: vertical garden realized
  • Completion times: realized in 30 days
  • Reference contact: Claudia Arrighetti
  • Services and Works: design and realization of vertical gardens, fertigation system, vertical green.