Arab Emirates. New power plant in Abu Dhabi

An evocative naturalness

The entrances of a new power plant in the Arab Emirates are covered with greenery in order to welcome the visitor with vitality and with the splendor of unexpected cascading plants.
Two greenery creations with two different identities and features yet joined by a natural and soft-line design that shows several tones of green, from the bright one of Ferns to the silvery glares of Aglaonema till the dark and violet hues of the Anthurium.
The first garden located in a cave with curved walls and lighted up by a skylight up above takes inspiration from the concept of cave, thus creating an intimate and cozy space. The botanical species are those that characterize the natural humid environments, among which several kinds of Nephrolepsis and Asplenium.
The only flowering is the pure white of the Anthurium that is located at the feet of the wall.
The second garden, located in the indoor lobby instead, is characterized by m