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Arab Emirates. Green walls for a corporate garden

Apparent haphazardness of Arabian inspiration

The colors and the decorations typical of the Arabian world are reflected in this project for a green wall, thought in order to give energy and splendor to the control room of one of the petroleum extraction plants that are situated in Abu Dhabi.
A wide range of plants, among which there are four different types of Ferns, two kinds of Aglaonema and three cascading plants, was used for creating a design with a natural aspect which resulted apparently random.
This haphazardness is actually only a marvelous illusion because every botanical essence was selected and located in line with its features, in relation to the nearby plants and to its position on the wall in a way that an interesting, dynamic and, at the same time, balanced pattern was obtained.


Details about the Garden:

  • Place: Habshan / Abu Dhabi / UAE
  • Sizes: 40 sq m
  • Type: internal vertical garden – corporate garden – indoor greenery
  • Customer: Abu Dhabi Gas Industries LTD
  • The project in numbers: 750 indoor plants
  • State of the project: vertical garden realized
  • Time of completion: realized in 30 days
  • Reference contacts: Giuseppe Sandrini / Stefano Filippini / Claudia Arrighetti
  • Services and Works: design and realization of vertical gardens, fertigation system, indoor gardens, vertical greenery.