Elba Island. Holiday village in Rio Marina

Charme and relax on the seashore

On Elba Island , in the marvelous Ortano inlet, which is a typical village of Elba with its small harbor, Sandrini realized a tourist facility that a famous tour operator found and retrieved by turning it into a greatly charming resort.
Sandrini bet on the scenic impact starting from big swimming pools and nestling them into a context framed by rocks and wild vegetation.
Sandrini thought and realized poolscapes and turned them into the pivot around which a big natural garden is extended and where the guests can relax and enjoy all the services that the facility offers. Natural stones, waterfalls and water effects take shape around groups of Palm trees and Cocos nucifera as well as Holm oaks and Cork oaks, under which Mediterranean shrubs are located.
Sounds, colors and perfumes wisely added give