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Nestled in a hill area behind Naples, the project studied the realization of a tourist-accommodation facility combining with the elegant hotel a series of exclusive villas and sports facilities.
Preserving and emphasize the natural landscape, a bio lake has been added: a natural system where water is purified thanks to sun, plants and biofilters. A swimming pool was realized which merges with the context following the curvilinear shapes of the natural  landscape.
In all the area involved in the project, especially in the area “Piana” (flat area), vegetation has rather a productive aim than aesthetic value.
From a productive point of view, the Chestnut grove represents the prevailing and distinguishing element. Also other areas dedicated to Olive trees cultivation are planned, a small zone to Walnut grove, vegetable garden and an area to Cherry trees.
The botanical choice has been oriented towards endemic species that are common in the reference context.
As regards trees, in addition to the productive species above mentioned (Castanea Sativa, Juglans nigra, Olea Europaea, Prunus Avium), Quercus Ilex are used together with species characterized by caduceus leaves which are typical and common in the area, such as Quercus pubescens, Quercus Cerris and, in higher heights, Fagus sylvatica.
In order to emphasize the natural and spontaneous type of the vegetation, near the swimming pool and a water catch basin there are species that are naturally  common near streams and water courses such as Alnus cordata Loisel, Populus spp., Lobelius maple, Carpinus betulus and Ostrya carpinifolia.

Details about the garden:

  • Place: San Martino Valle Caudina/Benevento / Italy
  • Garden size: 20000 sq m
  • Type: hotel & resort
  • Customer: Confidential
  • State of the project: in phase of completion
  • Reference contact: Marco Sandrini
  • Services and Works: hotel garden design / hotel garden realization / Medirranean garden