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Corporate Gardens

Sandrini has supplied several corporate gardens: outdoor gardens, green roofs, but also unexpected green walls inside a corporation or a company, for example the one of the  new technology plant of Abu Dhabi, or the  vegetal cascade of a power plant always in Abu Dhabi. They all have a “wow” effect: since they are not visible from outside, the green walls welcome the visitor in an unexpected way. In each one the design keeps the same features of a villa garden and the details of balance and harmony with the building and the surrounding landscape.

The garden which Sandrini has supplied to a famous jewel manufactuer goldsmith represents an emblematic example: the headwork of the company is developed around a glass structure with a central dome which has the shape of an overturn diamond. A jewel-building which therefore needed a precious garden. For this reason  a cozy envirnment was designed, to duplicate the diamond, symbol of the company, also with a green accent: perennial plants, in the centre an Olea Europea, surrounded by cactus and round lights to recall the circular shape of the area.

The headwork of a company must transmit, at the first sight, all the values, keeping in mind the potential visitor and reflecting in its green areas the world they want to represent: targets, Vision, Mission and their work philosophy. If the garden is the business card of a house, a villa or an hotel, it’s alsothe one of a company as well: it gives a company carisma, personality, comfort to the workers, in order to improve their life as they spend most of their time in that place.