Arabian desert. The new round pen of an exclusive stable

An Italian “thoroughbred” garden

The place is a prestigious stable in the desert of Abu Dhabi: a magic environment for horse enthusiasts where dozens of English and Arabian thoroughbred horses with high quality ancestors pasture in green lawns such as only in England they could do it. Here Sandrini Company designed and realized a new round pen for horses exhibitions and parades.
Overlooking the stage, there is a round pen made of lawn, that was created on purpose for accommodating the guests, surrounded by a topiaria hedge in a really formal way so that it becomes a delimitation of the facility and emphasizes the round shape even more.
In the background there is a thicker and higher vegetation spot with colorful foliage and flowers that embellish the environment and hide the outside area from the horses in order to keep them tame.
The handmade cotto vases, of clean and modern style, planted with sculptural vegetation elements make the round pen more eclectic, which would have been, due to its nature, bare and rustic instead.
The Italian design is applied to an unusual climate and deeply fascinating context.


Details about the garden:

  • Place: Abu Dhabi / UAE
  • Size of the garden: 1300 sq m
  • Type: private garden- landscape design
  • Customer: Confidential
  • The project in figures: 4 Palms and Masts / 5.200 shrubs and ground-covering plants
  • State of the project: realized
  • Time of completion: realized in 60 days
  • Reference contacts: Marco Sandrini / Stefano Filippini / Andrea Debosio
  • Services and works: design and realization of gardens, earthmoving, irrigation system, lighting system, UAE gardens, Arabian garden