• The Secret Urban Garden
    2 July 2019 / Hanging Gardens, Hotel & Resort, Prestigious garden The Secret Urban Garden- Sandrini green architecture


    Baglioni Hotel Milano’s “Secret Garden” has been officially presented to the press, during the Design Week. The Milanese downtown garden was presented in its meaning and value, in an early summer night, in the presence of more than 70 journalists, by Arch. Marco Sandrini, creative director of Sandrini Green Architecture, who curated the design of its landscape, featuring its mood. He worked in cooperation with Arch. Federico Spagnulo, already architect of Gruppo Baglioni, and Gervasoni, who completed the outdoor with its seats.

    “The garden has been conceived to create a great impact, both visual and emotional, with the idea of focusing on green through an important greenwall, allowing space emphasis, and making architectonic construction evident. The effect is to stay in a big room under the open sky, built with green elements and points of light, that create a glamorous and enchanting atmosphere. Different species of plants were used to give birth to a finely nuanced play of green shadings. From Carex to Fatsia Japonica, and Olea Fragrans, which is extremely scented, just to talk about some. A garden must express the beauty and culture of a place, making its value identified, letting the environment recover its bioclimate, modified by urban cement by now”. Sandrini declared to the press.

    Final touch to stress the lifestyle character of this garden is “Sandrini Gold Cocktail”, created on this occasion by barlady Patrizia Bevilacqua, included in the hotel drink list, made of Tonica Cortese, Made in Italy, pure and sugar free, by Bevande Futuriste, and by Ivana Ciabatti’s Gin Oro 24carati.  A fine moment to live during a business meeting or a break with friends, to enjoy not o