Tuscany. Private villa in Forte dei Marmi

Timeless style

In the center of the prestigious Forte dei Marmi there is a villa where Sandrini company has taken care of restoring the existing garden.
Both the residence and the park were made in 1970s and the garden showed a strong Mediterranean marks characterized by big centuries-old Maritime Pines.
It has been made a general cleaning of the existing plants and the space and the levels of the ground have been readjusted thus generating a perception of bigger and more enhanced space.
Shapes have been rearranged and elements and lines referring to the taste of the first years of 70s have been removed in order to bring forth a more contemporary atmosphere.
Blossomed scrubs, medium high and low volumes are framing the landscape through chromatic cycles, especially during summer, give light, colour and fragrances to the garden.
Sandrini company has also inspected the swimming pool, the SPA area