Terraces in Capri. The charm of a secret garden

The style of Capri between Mediterranean and modern style

The project enhances and recovers the external space of this antique home in Capri in compliance with the traditional style that is typical of the island. Terraces, roofs and internal yards have become integrating part of the residence, real open-air rooms, where each element of furniture contributes to the creation of an evocative setting with natural and relaxing atmosphere. The typical pergolas made of chestnut wood and trellis have been recreate as authentically as possible, they are rustic yet greatly elegant at the same time.
Every detail has been studied and realized with passion and care, in compliance with Sandrini company phylosophy.
The iron works such as railings, balustrades, gazebos have been studied by recreating a textural effect that makes reference to Giacometti’s sculptures; treill