Villa in Sardinia. Natural Balance

Continuity between home and sea in the Mediterranean scrub.

The savage landscape, that surrounds all the property, is the image that inspired Sandrini company for the project of the garden of this villa in Sardinia.
It has been a pretty tough challenge considering that the ground is very sloping and therefore the consequent need of creating accessible surface areas.
First of all, Sandrini company worked for making levels less steep through the addition of  dry-stone walls and local granite monoliths which were well integrated with the typical natural rocks of the sardinian coast.
Moreover, the greenery has completed this work of integration between the surrounding scrub and the garden, thus completely eliminating the risk of creating unnatural effects.
The swimming pool, with its natural and harmonious shape, has become the element of a great scenography, but at the meantime, of natural continuity between home and sea.