Iseo Lake. Lake tranquility

Romantic style and breathtaking view

Sandrini made of this garden a marvelous panoramic terrace with lake view through an integration work and redevelopment of the garden in line with the surrounding landscape characterized by defined terraces with typical stone low walls.
The style of the garden is rather simple, traditional yet not classical, consistent with the surrounding landscape and with the architectural style of the house.
It is a garden where greenery is dominant and the color only appears in a few romantic and Mediterranean typical flowering. Moreover, the presence of many walls and low walls imposed the use of many creeping and falling essences.
The material that were used are those traditional of the territory of Iseo Lake, such as stone, pebbles and open brickwork.
Plants and facilities were chosen with a lot of sensitivity in perfect harmony with the landscape and the type of house.
The botanical choice was influenced by the natural feature of the place where we find essences also even more typical