French Riviera. An exclusive park

The green scenery of a historic residence

In one of the most amazing and exclusive places of Côte d’Azur, Sandrini company has been busy with the landscape arrangement of an important historic residence built in 19th century for King Leopold II of Belgium.
The park has a surface area of 7000 sq m with valuable specimens of plants and classic architectural elements. The great specimens of plants have been enhanced by inserting them in an harmonious and coherent project with the aim of creating an exclusive garden that could be at the same time place of business and of residence.
The dominant style is lavish and classic, typical of the gardens made in Côte d’Azur at the end of 19th century.
The pathway to the entrance follows the motifs and the materials of the traditional gravel boulevards  and it is embellished by recesses and big earthenware vase with topyarian Buxus. In front of the main entrance of the villa, the decoration on the floor embellishes: the nymphaeum and the green arches with the statues of the Four seasons complete the area creating a unique scenery.
The green arches set up by Sandrini company bring back the historic green architectures of the Italian topiary art and they have a double function both as a scenery and as a final element, thus protecting the most private part of the garden from the sight. In the same way, on the terrace on 2nd floor, the white lacquered Treillage not only ensures privacy to the proprietors but it is also a fundamental decorative element.
In the park, the specimens of Pinus pinea are set up following a harmonious and natural design and, below them, Sandrini company has ricreate curvy borders with specimens of  Dicksonia antarctica, Phoenix canariensis, Strelitzias, Musas and Camelias that come in succession and follow a continuous and luxuriant green scenography in which white blossoms and decorative elements stand out and give the garden a romantic taste.

Details about the garden:

  • Place: Saint Jean Cap Ferrat / Côte d’Azur / France
  • Size of the garden: 7000 sq m
  • Type: private park – luxury garden
  • Customer : Confidential
  • Numbers of the project: 2500 Groundcover plants / 3200 Topyarian Buxus / 90 Succulent plants / 1396 Shrubs / 316 Trees / 758 Climbing plants / 12 Statues / 26 vases
  • State of the project: completed garden
  • Completion times: park realized in 340 days
  • Reference contact person: Marco Sandrini / Claudia Arrighetti
  • Services and works: design and realization of gardens, irrigation system, lighting system, nynphaeum, swimming pool and hydro-massage, realization of green wall, rock garden, realization of resin-coated gravel pavement, historic villa, realization of furniture, gates and customized pergolas, treillage, handmade terra-cotta vases, project Côte d’Azur, gardens France.