Franciacorta. Private Farmhouse

Style and personality for a bright-coloured garden

In the center of Franciacorta, located in an old village, there is a big and typical farmhouse made of stones, which has been first renovated and then became the representative headquarter as well as the house of a famous music-industry executive.
A work for which bright colors are used and it is aimed at re-gaining the historical value of the facility by combining a modern and extreme style: intense and strong colors, metals, mirrors, pieces and furniture of contemporary design perfectly blend harmoniously with the historic architecture.
Sandrini Company took care of outside spaces through a project based on the need of harmonizing this strong and extreme match at the most.
A natural backstage has been realized which is a frame for the context thus conveying a sense of peace and harmony.
All the windows and the inner spaces overlook the park and the garden, with its perspectives, and enter