Brescia. Private Garden

Neutral colors, modern traits and  essentiality

For this private residence, Sandrini constructed a modern and linear style garden that may be defined as a minimalist metropolitan space with neutral colors such as white, black and gray.
The project is characterized by essential, geometrical lines that give the idea of extreme cleaning and simplicity: a few prevailing tones and an extreme search for furniture elements, accessories and details, strongly integrated with the interior style of the house. Special attention is paid to the botanical choice by preferring evergreen essences and neutral colors.
The existence and the need of keeping a century-old Libocedrus became the occasion for creating a perspective channel in which a conifer could be used as scenographic element. In order to keep the masts, which is at a higher altitude with respect to the altitude planned for the garden, a big metallic flower vase was built which gives the impression of containing the plant, that is an element that contributed to increase the scenographic value as well.
Also the material used and their combination is particularly valuable: light color crushed gravel, black shiny pebbles, light color and gray stone. By using a black mirror and special finishing, the flowerpots relaunch, in a modern key, the orangeries of the classic. Also the water effect with the artistic element of the glass sphere is refined.


Details about the garden:

  • Place: Brescia / Italy
  • Sizes of the Garden: 600 sq m
  • Type: private garden – landscape design and built
  • Customer: Confidential
  • The project in figures: 510 Ground-covering plants/ 490 Shrubs / 28 Masts
  • State of the project: garden done
  • Completion time: garden constructed in 120 days
  • Reference contacts: Marco Sandrini / Claudia Arrighetti
  • Services and Works: design and construction of gardens, irrigation system, lighting system, gravel pavement, water effects production, construction of customized flowerpots