Brescia. Private Garden in a panoramic area

A great union between history and modernity

In one of the most beautiful areas in Brescia, Sandrini realized a small yet scenographic garden. An interesting union between history and modernity. A context where greenery follows a modern and minimalist style in line with the interior of the house, yet without losing sight of the context, that is, a palace of the early 20th century.
In order to confirm the ongoing relationship between antique and modern, the project suggested a recall to the exotic taste, typical of the early 20th century, with the addition of Chamerops excelsa, and to the traditional garden with thriving hydrangea blossoming and ancient roses.
The widest belt before the house was solved with sinuous and soft lines, thus creating perspectives that expand the space and remove the perception of the real space.
Whereas on the South –East side of the house, essential and geometrical lines