Brianza. Acquaworld water fun park

Green covering with innovative shapes

Acquaworld is lost in a re-designed landscape and it stands out not only for the film that covers the roof covering but also for the special transparent drop shapes that are realized for integrating the architectural volume with the area of intervention at the best.
Sandrini worked for covering Acquaworld with a green roof of 4000 sq meters.
By using the OPTIGRÜN technology, Sandrini changed the pitch of the roof from 0° to 60° in a low maintenance green surface area, planted with a Sedum pre-cultivated mat  and equipped with a safety system of fall-proof from height.
Moreover, Sandrini was involved in the indoor area with suitable plants for wet environments, both as regards the large outside garden where green barriers were created and the oasis with plants that guarantee shelter and refreshment.