Bergamo. Hanging garden for a residential building

An internal elegant and cozy court yard

In Bergamo, in the upper part of the city, there is the prestigious palace called Astino Residence where Sandrini realized the hanging garden of the internal court yard.
The simple traits of the external part of this building was enhanced by the realization of a hanging garden with a geometrical and minimalist style that evokes the classical shapes of the Italian garden style.
Sandrini chose simple types of trees such as Olive trees and Cypresses whose classical nature is combined with a modern style thanks to a water effect made of steel and to walkways made of white gravel.
Classical and modern nature are put together thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology and of natural elements such as stone and iron.
In order to give strong peculiarities to this garden, Sandrini designed and tailored several components such as retaining flowerpots, walkways and water effects.
The result is really surprising: the simplicity of the external areas of the building is enhanced by this elegant and cozy garden with refined detail