9 August 2018 / Prestigious garden

    As the nice, warm season gets closer we rediscover the open air spaces  that during cold months have been left unused, and the lucky ones who have a garden start working in order to turn it into a comfortable, relaxing corner.  How can we make out of our garden a perfect living area in the open air?
    Here we have for you  three easy tips, practical and  low-cost so that you can welcome your friends in a special atmosphere with a touch of easy-going beauty. Romantic, eco-chic or informal and original? Just choose!

    3 ideas for a living area with no borders

    Living in a stylish and ethical environment calls for all our creativity,  awakens our desire to make the difference, helps saving money and gives us the chance to rediscover our flair for originality free from any boundary. So here are  three ideas to turn your garden into a living area  as much as possible comfortable, welcoming and enjoyable for you and your guests.

    • You just need simple chairs, small tables, a lot of candles and a touch of imagination and creativity to turn a corner of your garden into  a space for relax where you can rediscover the pleasure of having time just for yourself. If you have a partition available I suggest to create a vertical vegetable garden : you can make a structure in wood or a wire fence and by means of a hook hang on it many small vases in delicate pastel colours. The final touch to make it really romantic? Candles and  lanterns of any kind to illuminate your evening with a warm, sweet glaw.
    • Eco-chic. An old rickety chair, unused pallets – why not? – even a chest of drawers lying idle somewhere. Do not throw them away but reuse them for plants and flowers: saved and preserved, objects of the past become new travel companions, bringing  a breath of good spirits in your life. The first thing to do is to have a look in  the attic or in  the basement. Maybe un