Russia. Moscovite Sports Center

Relax and harmony through vegetation walls

The customer’s request was to embellish this big sports and wellness center with a touch of naturalness, while being aware that the presence of the green element would have contributed to creating a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. Sandrini Green Architecture had to take into consideration two important restrictions: the fragmented shape of the walls and the request of a natural scenography but with no or little need of maintenance. In order to meet these requests, stabilized plants were used which were able to create a very realistic and natural effect but with no need of dedicated facilities nor constant maintenance works. On wall in front of the sheltered swimming pool, the vegetation follows the volumes of the architecture thus enhancing both solids and voids. The bright and uniform green of Lichens rhytmically defines the space and it pleasantly contrasts with the dark hues and the variegated design of the caves. Here the bright red of Hydrangeas and the silvery glares of Eucalyptus light up the dark green of Musk and of Ferns thus originating real vegetation paintings.


Details about the Garden:

  • Place: Moscow / Russia
  • Sizes: 85 sq m
  • Type: indoor vertical garden – corporate garden – indoor greenery
  • Customer: Sport Complex Zagorie
  • The project in figures : 1500 stabilized plants
  • State of the project: realized project
  • Time of completion: 60 days
  • Reference contacts: Giuseppe Sandrini / Stefano Filippini
  • Services and Works: design of vertical gardens, indoor gardens, stabilized greenery