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Qatar. Shopping Mall in Doha

Majestic contrast

In the city of Doha, a huge shopping mall has been recently built and it has a linear architecture, it is completely white and totally immersed in the light. In this frame, the greenery stands out as a suggestive contrast thus becoming the protagonist of the space and giving dynamism to the facility.
At the main entrance, there are nine pillars, which are rigorously white and standing out against the building and which Sandrini planned to cover with greenery. More specifically, it was planned to cover the upper part of the columns with stable plants, soft musks and Lichens.
These botanical essences liven up the load-bearing structures thus turning them into decorative elements of strong aesthetic impact.
On the other hand, another wall, located near a second entrance, becomes the background for an extraordinary vertical garden where the curvilinear shapes and the chromatic contrasts are enhanced by the rigour and the brightness of the building.


Details about the Garden:

  • Place: Doha / Qatar
  • Sizes: 450 sq m
  • Type: indoor vertical garden- corporate garden- indoor greenery
  • Customer: Joud Mall
  • The project in figures: 2 vertical gardens, 1 stable garden, 6 green pillars
  • State of the project: project in waiting phase for being realized
  • Reference contact: Claudia Arrighetti
  • Services and Works: design of vertical gardens, indoor gardens, stabilized greenery