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Qatar. Hanging gardens for a Banking Group

Greenery experimentation as means of corporate image

For one of the most important banking groups in Qatar, Sandrini company designed the greenery walls for the new branch offices of the Bank together with the local partner, the Architect Mr. Malek Ben Said.
Greenery has always been synonym of life and it is right for this reason that the Bank wanted its new image related to the vertical gardens in order to show its care for environmental problems and nature conservation. These vertical gardens, designed by Sandrini, become an element of marketing and the key of a new commercial living.
The project and the experiment involving the greenery, for meeting the needs due to the climate of the Arabian peninsula, are under way at the botanical garden at Sandrini company. Each branch office shall have about 100 sq meters of green surface area.

Details about the garden:

  • Place: Qatar/