Middle East. An oil refinery in Abu Dhabi

The wise representation of natural elements

In this project for the new headquarter of a petroleum plant in Abu Dhabi, greenery is considered as the real protagonist of the architectural space.
The vegetation covers completely the walls of the building and it follows the curvilinear pattern of the space thus creating evocative natural scenographies that surround the visitor.
On the ground floor, Sandrini created a great vertical garden, 260 sq m, which covers the whole wall also surrounding the main glass entrance gate.
The curvilinear and stretched upwards shapes, created through a studied arrangement of the essences, and the red blooms that were used give energy and dynamism to the symbolic thus originating the symbolic representation of the hardest of the four natural elements: the fire.
The atmosphere that is breathed is that of great dynamism and energy.
On the other hand, the set-up realized on the two big curvy walls on the first floor of the building gives a more calm and relaxing impression.
Only the botanical species with medium-small sized leaf were used, they were selected for the different tones of green and the absence of flowering.
The wise use of the plants creates a suggestive green design, made up of colorful leaves, alternation of shapes and volumes, lights and shadows. In this case the symbolic element that is made reference to is the air, which is recalled through the sense of lightness and fluidity.


Details about the garden:

  • Place: Takreer / Abu Dhabi / UAE
  • Sizes: 300 sq m
  • Type: internal vertical garden
  • Customer: Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company / Samsung engineering
  • The project in figures: 11000 indoor plants
  • State of the project: vertical garden done
  • Completion time: realized in 150 days
  • Reference contacts: Giuseppe Sandrini / Stefano Filippini / Claudia Arrighetti
  • Services and Works: design and realization of vertical gardens, fertigation system, vertical greenery