Bergamo. Ice Beauty San Marco Hotel

Sandrini’s creativity at the service of a Health Spa.

In the core of Bergamo, in the famous San Marco Hotel, Sandrini Green Architecture company has been entrusted to create a fabulous and evocative Health Spa.
A rather unusual work for Sandrini who decided to accept this job for a many years customer, for whom Sandrini realized several significant designs for private gardens, who was willing to move Sandrini’s allure also into an indoor and elegant space such as a Health Spa.
This space has been designed as if it were a garden, including those references that lead to the search of the inner self and meditation that often can be found in a natural space.
Water effects, suffused lights and natural effects, glass walls, texture and precious and warm materials make of this space an oasis of peace and wellness where all senses are involved.

Details about the garden:

  • Place: Bergamo / Lombardy / Italy
  • Garden Sizes: 750 sq m
  • Type: