Private garden in Livorno. A privileged terrace overlooking the sea

Style and elegance in the Mediterranean landscape

In a privileged context with a view which, in clear days, goes as far as the Isle of Capraia and Corsica, Sandrini designed the redevelopment of a big private park, characterized by open-air spaces with long-distance perspectives, a wonderful historic olive tree grove and the strong presence of architectural elements that are often irregular.
The entrance, which is at the highest spot of all the property has been completely redesigned for giving the right balance with what one will discover inside the park. The existing staircase has been valued by using ancient cotto jars and vases that were already present in the property and planted with citrus specimens.
The flowing lines following natural shapes and the thriving greenery, both for blooming and for fronds with a few prevailing hues, have been chosen for valuing the existing architectures and integrating what was built.
Mediterranean colors are predominant: violet of lavander, Perovskya and Bougainvillea, grey of agaves leaves, Cerastium and Senecio leaves, the orange and yellow of Lantana, Leonotis and big citrus in cotto vases, green in several hues of Rosemary, Pittosporum, Buxus and oat grass.
Next to the country house, the only geometrical element, more stylish than others in the garden, appears: a wonderful ornamental vegetable and productive garden whose parterre is  delimited by hedges of topiaria Buxus, in which it is possible to grow vegetables, aromatic herbs and ornamental flowers.
A further characterizing element which is considerably exquisite for all the park is a big natural nymphaeum that is located at the entrance of the country house thus putting a renaissance architectural element made of marble to good use as main basin.


Details about the garden:

  • Place: Livorno / Tuscany / Italy
  • Sizes of the Garden: 7000 sq m
  • Type: private park – landscape design
  • Customer: Confidential
  • The project in figures: 2047 Herbaceous plants and ground-covering plants / 3407 Shrubs / 285 Masts/ 44 Climbing plants
  • State of the project: still to be realized
  • Reference contacts: Marco Sandrini / Andrea Debosio
  • Services and works: design and realization of gardens, earthmoving, irrigation system, lighting system, gardens in Tuscany, Mediterranean garden.