Côte d’Azur. Private villa in Cap d’Ail

The natural continuity between garden and landscape

In the exclusive Côte d’Azur, bent over the sea, there is a fantastic abode that Sandrini company, through its work, has embellished even more.
The starting point was really arduous: many steps, one onto the other, and paths wound steeply among several altitudes which made really difficult reaching the sea and the natural swimming pool located at the foot of the cliffs.
The first demanding work was that of cleaning, valuing and securing the marvelous specimens of centuries-old Pinus Pinea whose trunks that popped up from dry stone walls and that rose over the sea.
The project, which was really exciting, had the objective of making the most of the natural and unique aspect of the context and allowing to access easily and to enjoy all the areas of the garden. For this reason, accessible pathways and tracks were designed as well as flat spaces of lawn for walking and enjoying a quiet and comfortable stay.
In addition, Sandrini company limited the choice of vegetation to color spots that joined together, as a whole, with the natural outburst of the landscape.


Details about the garden:

  • Place: Cap d’Ail / Côte d’Azur / France
  • Sizes of the garden: 1300 sq m
  • Type: private park – landscape design
  • Customer: Confidential
  • The project in figures: 20 masts / 700 low and medium-high shrubs/ 113 Hedge shrubs / 40 topiary shrubs
  • State of the project: still to be realized
  • Reference contacts: Marco Sandrini / Stefano Filippini
  • Services and Works: design and realization of gardens, earthmoving, irrigation system, lighting system, Mediterranean garden